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Located at 420 Pioneer Avenue in Woodland, next to the Chevron on the corner of Main Street and Pioneer Avenue.

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*Appointments are for detail services only. No need to make an appointment for a car wash, just come on in. During Winter hours, appointment times and availability may be affected by weather. Please call ahead with questions if rain is in the forecast.

Clay Bar & Hand Wax

Exterior Detail

Interior Detail


Complete Detail   $329.99

  • Works Full-Service Car Wash
  • Wheels Cleaned by Hand
  • Exterior Protectant applied on Tires, Vinyl and Trim Pieces
  • Clay Bar & Hand Wax
  • Dash & Console Vents Cleaned
  • Door Jambs Cleaned
  • Seats Cleaned
  • Carpets and Mats Cleaned
  • Air fragrance

Additional Services

Ceramic Coating + Paint Correction - Starting at $600

Hand Wax - $89.99 
(includes Works Full-service car wash)

Leather Clean & Condition - $59.99

Interior Protectant - $59.99

Shampoo Cloth Seats - $69.99

Headlight Restoration - $129.99
(both lights)

Clay Bar / Tar Removal - Starting at $149.99

Remove Water spots – Estimate Only

Paint Correction – Starting at $300

High-Speed Buffering – Starting at $300

Carpet Express - $79.99

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